How to Make the Most Money By Privately Wrecking Your Car

When speaking on car service, not many current car owners think about car wrecking service. Yet, they will have to dispose of their car in one way or another once it reaches the end of its service life. Car wrecking involves the dismantling of a car with the intention of salvaging parts for reuse. Anything that cannot be reused is either recycled or disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Hence, car wrecking service contributes a great deal to the supply side of the market for used car parts.

Two New Car Features To Excite The Long-Distance Driver

It is said that if you wanted to drive around the coastline of Australia following Highway 1, it would take you 14 days! Because of the size of this country, heading off on a road-trip during the Christmas holidays can mean many hours spent on the road. As someone who wants to upgrade to a new family car, such as a Rebel Ford, before the holidays this year, there are a number of features starting to appear in new cars that are bound to excite you.

Four Mistakes People Make When Flushing A Car Radiator

Your car's engine relies on an efficient cooling system to control its temperature on the move. If the radiator clogs up with deposits and/or rust, the cooling system cannot work effectively, which, in turn, puts more pressure on the radiator. As such, to make sure your car radiator runs as efficiently as possible, it's a good idea to flush the system at regular intervals, but it's equally important to do the job properly.

Frontal Protection Systems: What Truck Drivers In South Australia Need To know

Truck drivers in South Australia must contend with several hazards, but collisions with wild animals like kangaroos are a surprisingly common problem. In 2013, one SA insurer reported a 26 percent increase in animal collisions compared to the previous year. As such, truck drivers may want to consider a frontal protection system for their vehicles, but it's important to make sure these parts are compliant with state law. Find out why you may need one of these systems, and learn more about the restrictions that apply in South Australia.

A Quick Tyre Safety Check May Be A Lifesaver

As the mild autumn weather approaches, it is peak time for families to set out on a much loved tradition: the motoring holiday. If you are planning a get- away road trip, a simple tyre safety check will significantly reduce your risks on the busy highways and could even make the difference between a life and death situation. Follow this guide to complete a quick and easy tyre safety check. It will take only a few minutes at home or you can do it while filling the tank at the petrol station before heading out.