How to Make the Most Money By Privately Wrecking Your Car

When speaking on car service, not many current car owners think about car wrecking service. Yet, they will have to dispose of their car in one way or another once it reaches the end of its service life. Car wrecking involves the dismantling of a car with the intention of salvaging parts for reuse. Anything that cannot be reused is either recycled or disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Hence, car wrecking service contributes a great deal to the supply side of the market for used car parts. It also helps prevent the disposal of hazardous substances, such as car oil, fuel and coolant, into the environment. 

If you know how to go about wrecking your car privately, you can generally make more money than what a car wrecker will offer you at the scrapyard. Here's how you can make the most money by scrapping your car by yourself. 

Identify what's still functional and sell it separately 

The first thing you should do when you are embarking on your DIY car wrecking is to find out what's functioning in the car. Even though your car's engine might no longer be working, for example, your battery, rim and tyres, radio, seats and other parts of the vehicle may still be in good shape. Instead of selling the entire car at the scrapyard, you could remove all the working parts and sell them separately, and negotiate a price for whatever will be remaining with your scrap dealer. 

You can find so many other car owners online who might be ready to buy your salvaged car parts as used replacement parts for a good price. Mark you, you will make more dollars by selling your used car parts and remaining part of the car separately compared to selling the whole car to a scrap dealer. 

Seek the best price from your scrap dealer 

Once you have salvaged parts from your car, whatever's remaining will need to be sold to a scrap dealer. Do not shy away from approaching various scrap dealers to find out how much they can offer you for your scrap car. What you might be initially offered by dealers might be lower than the price they're actually willing to pay for your vehicle, so you should be ready to negotiate for a better price. Once you find a dealer that offers the highest price, you can sell your scrap car to them.