What To Do If A Kangaroo Hits Your Windscreen

Australia is home to thousands of kangaroos, but these much-loved marsupials are not the most clever road users. People in rural Australia often come across these animals, and drivers hit more kangaroos than any other animal. If the front of your car strikes a kangaroo, your windscreen is likely to bear the brunt of the impact, so it's important to understand what you should do in this situation. Why cars hit kangaroos

A Quick Tyre Safety Check May Be A Lifesaver

As the mild autumn weather approaches, it is peak time for families to set out on a much loved tradition: the motoring holiday. If you are planning a get- away road trip, a simple tyre safety check will significantly reduce your risks on the busy highways and could even make the difference between a life and death situation. Follow this guide to complete a quick and easy tyre safety check. It will take only a few minutes at home or you can do it while filling the tank at the petrol station before heading out.

How To Choose A Vehicle To Suit Your Retirement Needs

When choosing a new car to last through your retirement years, all the technological innovations that apply with new cars can be rather overwhelming and a little distracting. This guide will help you focus on the features that are most desirable in a car to suit your needs as a senior motorist. Getting Prepared Entering a new car dealership can be quite a shock, particularly if you haven't bought a vehicle for quite a while.