Two New Car Features To Excite The Long-Distance Driver

It is said that if you wanted to drive around the coastline of Australia following Highway 1, it would take you 14 days! Because of the size of this country, heading off on a road-trip during the Christmas holidays can mean many hours spent on the road. As someone who wants to upgrade to a new family car, such as a Rebel Ford, before the holidays this year, there are a number of features starting to appear in new cars that are bound to excite you.

Double Trouble: The Pros And Cons Of Replacing A Car's Single Stock Exhaust With A Dual Exhaust System

Replacing your car's stock exhaust system with a dual exhaust is one of the easiest ways to make your car look a little meaner. A well-chosen and well-fitted dual exhaust system can provide significant performance increases over standard single exhaust models, especially when fitted to V-configuration engines. However, while a properly chosen dual exhaust comes with a number of advantages, the system also comes with a few inherent disadvantages over their simple single exhaust cousins.

Maintenance Tips to Prolong Your Car Battery's Lifespan

When some motorists experience a breakdown of their vehicle in the middle of the road, they tend to assume that it happened spontaneously. The truth of the matter is that as your car starts to suffer from decline, it tends to exhibit signs and symptoms that should alert you to take it for a car service. One of the crucial components of your vehicle that needs to stay in good working condition to keep your car up and running is the battery.

4 Common Tyre Myths

Tyres are a vital part of your automobile, which help to keep it on the road and heading in the correct direction. Modern tyres are safer and have a longer life than the tyres of yesteryear. However, some myths surrounding the car tyre still persist. Below we look at some common car tyre myths which could be putting you in danger. Myth: If you can see the tread, the tyre is safe to drive on

Common Problems With DIY Brake Jobs in Trucks

Since trucks are usually much heavier than family sedans, their brakes often suffer more wear and tear; a truck's brakes are stopping far more weight than those on a small car, so they need to work harder and may get worn down more easily than a car's brakes. In turn, you may suffer more brake problems when you drive a truck than a car, and may tackle those problems on your own, to save money and get the repairs done quickly.