Five Features and Accessories You Need If You Want to Live in a Caravan Full Time

If you plan to live in a caravan full time, there are certain accessories and features you should have. Wondering what you need for a comfortable nomadic lifestyle? Here are some ideas to keep in mind as you shop:

1. Toilet

Not all caravans for sale come with built-in toilets or showers, and while that works fine in many cases, it's not ideal if you plan to live in the caravan full time. Having a toilet gives you freedom from always having to find a hole in the woods, an RV park with toilets or other options. Instead, regardless of where you are, you always have a place you can relieve yourself and get clean.

2. A Separate Bedroom

If you are travelling with more than one person, there will be times when you need to take a break from each other. So that is possible, look for a caravan with a separate bedroom. In lieu of that, curtains over a bunk or a door that divides the caravan in half can also be extremely useful.

3. Awning

An awning attaches easily to the side of most caravans. It can be rolled up while you are driving and extended when you reach your location. It can provide shade to your windows, helping to keep the inside of your caravan cool in hot temperatures. More importantly, however, an awning creates a shady outdoor space. If you also pack a swatch of fake carpet, a couple lawn chairs and a fire pit, you have an instant outdoor living space anytime you park your caravan, and that practically doubles your living space.

4. 'Garage'

If you bring an extra car along or if you tow a caravan trailer with another vehicle, you should bring a makeshift 'garage' along. A portable canopy can work perfectly in this role. While you're on the road, the canopy can be folded up and stowed under your caravan. When you reach your spot, you can put it up, and that provides your vehicle with protection from sun, rain, hail and other elements.

5. Antenna

If you fit an antenna on top of your caravan, that can help you to get satellite TV or internet. If you need to work from your caravan or just want to make sure you don't miss your favourite shows, an antenna can really help to make a caravan feel like home.

Head to a caravan sale today to see what other features and accessories are right for your needs.