Troubleshooting Some Common Gearbox Problems

When your car's gearbox begins acting up for any reason, it's always better to have it repaired right away rather than wait. Problems with the gearbox and other components with the transmission are not likely to fix themselves, and as the problem gets worse, your repairs are bound to get costlier! Note a few tips for troubleshooting some of the most common gearbox repairs you might face with your car.

1. The gearbox becomes overly hot

The car being low on transmission fluid is a common culprit for the gearbox to become warm, as fluid helps with cooling the transmission as well as with lubrication. However, if the fluid is very old it can be contaminated with rust, dirt, debris, and the like, or it may have gotten thicker over time. In turn, your car might have enough fluid but have very dirty or thick fluid that isn't keeping the gearbox cool. Have the transmission flushed and put in new, fresh fluid to note if this fixes the problem.

2. Excessive vibration

A car can vibrate for a number of reasons, but if you notice this happening when you're in a particular gear, it's usually the gearbox or transmission that is the culprit. The mounting bolts for the gearbox could be loose and it's vital that they get tightened, or replaced if they're very rusted. The bearings may also be worn; if you notice any type of squealing noise along with this vibration, this is usually the bearings. 

In many cases, overloading the weight of your car can also cause this vibration when you're in gear, as the transmission is working harder to pull all that weight. If you notice this vibration when you're pulling a trailer or have the trunk loaded down, do what you can to lighten the car's load and note if this lessens those vibrations.

3. Teeth get worn

If the teeth to the transmission system and gearbox get worn more quickly than they should, this can be consistently low levels of fluid; the fluid should be helping your car avoid unnecessary wear and tear and corrosion. The temperature of your car may simply run too high, so you might note if the radiator fan isn't working as it should or the car's thermostat is not functioning. There may also be excessive revolutions per minute or RPM for your gearbox in particular, and this can often be adjusted by a mechanic to suit your type of gearbox and weight of your vehicle.

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